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Repair all 3 credit bureaus.
Increase your credit score.
Easily do it yourself

Industry Leading Customer Support

Our 5 star customer service team are leaders in the industry

Our 5 star customer service team are leaders in the industry

Years of Experience

Our Team has over 10 years experience

Our Team has over 10 years experience with credit restoration and customer service

Value Packed

We don’t just dispute, we give credit education, detailed credit analysis and live customer support

We don’t just dispute, we give credit education, detailed credit analysis and live customer support

What We Do


We analyze your credit reports to look for inaccurately reporting, outdated and unverifiable information


We send custom disputes tailored to your specific situation


We give you credit education so you know what to do during the process

How it Works

We Provide Best Services. Our job is not just to repair your credit, but to influence good credit decisions that last a lifetime.


Your Credit Consultation is the first step of your credit renovation process. During your Credit Consultation one of our dedicated Financial Stylist will advise on the best realistic method to assist with achieving your credit goals.


Our Consultations also include a Credit Report Audit. Your audit provides a thorough line by line credit report review of your credit reports to detect any inaccuracies or questionable items that should be challenged with the credit reporting agencies. Then, a personalized Plan of Action Report will is created on your behalf to identify what’s weighing your credit report down and hindering you from gaining credit access.


Our Realty & Financial Stylist program that will equip you with the financial resources needed to gain a credit profile that will allow you the ability to obtain, and leverage, your business credit. Enrollment for this program includes assistance with business credit for business owners, and real estate investor’s. Personal Credit is an optional service.


The Realty & Financial Stylist Business Credit Program helps you build business credit. Depending on what program you choose We offer you unlimited access to our Dispute Resolution Team to challenge any discrepancies you have on your credit report. We will be your voice and communicate with the credit bureaus, collection agencies, and creditors on your behalf to ensure that your credit report is reporting with accurately within accordance of the law. (All Personal Credit Services are done by a Third Party)

 Your Financing Solution!

123 Financed provides business credit and funding solutions for entrepreneurs looking for funding to start, grow and scale their business. Get up to $250k in as little as 90 days. Consider it Done ! We Specialize in Business Credit for real estate funding!

We are built on integrity and our mission is to provide hardworking consumers the credit they deserve. We know that good credit and healthy money habits creates access, opportunity, and generational wealth.


Develop Business Credit & Get The Funding You Deserve!


Our process includes the restoration of your personal credit to assist in funding.


We address your Business Lender Compliance items to identify any missing items lenders may require for approval.


We will continue to assist with your profile until you are approved for business funding*.

Our Financial Stylist, will help you BUILD and ESTABLISH Business Credit so you can qualify for Business Funding in your Business’s Name SEPARATE from your Personal Credit!


STEP 1: Establish Your Business Credibility

Help you gain Business Listing Congruency and establish compliance items needed to start qualifying for business credit in your business name.

STEP 2: Establish Your Business Credit Reports

Help you set up accounts with the BUSINESS credit reporting agencies properly and for free to ensure you begin to build business credit history.

STEP 3: Establish “Starter” Business Credit Accounts

Over 90% of companies that offer ”vendor credit” do not report your payment history to the business credit reporting agencies. We provide you with those that do.

STEP 4: Monitor Your Business Credit Reports

Help you analyze your business credit reports to see when it’s necessary to add more tradelines or go to the next tier of business credit.

STEP 5: Establish Larger Credit Accounts

Help you set up accounts in the second of four business credit tiers that are larger and move beyond net terms in some cases.

STEP 6: Advanced Business Building Accounts

Help you set up accounts in the third of four business credit tiers that include but not limited to fleet credit and much more.

STEP 7: Acquire Revolving and Cash Business Credit Accounts

Help you establish business credit accounts through large banks, credit card companies, and alternative lenders all in your business name with potential funding ranges into the millions of dollars depending on what you qualify for.

$199.00 Consultation

* 3 or 6 month payment plan available with access later